Why to Rent Our Electric Bike?

Electric Bikes

Riding a bicycle in Tulum is fun and healthy. When you ride long distances a little support can be nice. With an electric bike that support is always present.


Best Bikes in Town

Comfort. Safety. Our equipment is guaranteed to make your biking experience 100% stree-free. You have the freedom to go farther and faster, you will fell like a child again!

electric bike rental tulum

We love our planet

Our mission is to give you the best service and contribute to a sustainable development. An electric bike is a transportation that helps to preserve the environment reducing air contamination, ecological footprints, carbon emissions.

Fast Delivery Service

Dropp off & pick up at your location.


Included with every bike rental:

Back Basket
Front and back lights
Bike Lock

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Bike Tours!

electric bike rental tulum
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Personalize your tour with us

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Reach the hiddens gems of Tulum with local experts

electric bike rental tulum

Thematic tours for every skill level

electric bike rental tulum

Things To Do!

Wake up and ride at your own pace.
Taste Local Culture. We have the best tips for you.

Wildlife & Nature

swimming in gran cenote tulum

Mayan Ruins

mayan ruins

Wonderful Beaches

sunny day in Tulum beach

Eat & Drink Like a Local

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Our Mission, Our Dream...

Barbel Electric Bike Rental offers to all of you the chance to set aside everything that made you anxious and stressed during the year.

Make the journey as an exploration of places, cultures, art and gastronomy, a journey intended primarily as a search for oneself.

Give the opportunity to all those who see the holidays and the trip as a moment of discovery, dream and poetry.

Give you the opportunity to visit the Pueblo Magico of Tulum with the only vehicle that will really make you happy, carefree and completely in harmony with the environment: the electric bike.

Barbel Electric Bike is an active, ecological, zero-emission and above all affordable and economical rental.